Semi Suspension for Pain and Pleasure with Tamandua

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“The Studio” presents
2 Day Intensive Workshop: Includes free entry to playnight on the Saturday evening*
Workshop will be presented in English with German language support.

Saturday 10:00 – 1700 with a 1 hour break for lunch
Saturday evening 1900 – 2200
Sunday 0900 – 1700 with a longer lunch break.

Semi-suspensions for pain and pleasure

During this two-day workshop Tamandua, joined by partner Briki will teach some of his favorites ties for half-suspension. Based on their approach to tying as an erotic and sadomasochistic artform the ties for this class are developed for their sensual beauty as well as playfully tormenting qualities.

When tying semi-suspension shapes we try to play with the dynamic between the pull of the suspension lines and the push against the ground. Both capable of creating support on one hand and stress on the other, depending on the balance of the tie. This often results in a predicament situation for the person in the ropes, as they attempt to lean into one or the other.

During the workshop we will learn about:

The building blocks of each tie and how they work together with the floor to lock body into shape
Understanding how to thoughtfully balance suspension load to control the intensity of the tie
Rope pressure and postural pressure as two different types of torment in semenawa ties
Guidance for topping and bottoming in this style of tying according to the approach of Tamandua and Briki

Horizontal bamboo will be used as suspension points. Both shapes using TK/gote and shapes using other ways of tying the upper body will be demonstrated.

Limited places, please register soon

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Or whatsapp to 0174 608 7775

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